1 Hour Indoor Caving Experience (up to 4 people)


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Due to our child protection policy, a minimum of 2 people must take part in this activity.


Our cave system offers you the chance to experience what it’s like to go caving, but in the relative safety of an indoor environment. Navigating the twists and turns of our tunnel system, and squeezing through tight chambers and climbs to conquer the course.

Our cave system is set out of several levels and includes over 200ft of crawling, climbing, collecting areas and a ball pit.

Please note that whilst the cave system is perfectly safe, we have built emergency exits at multiple locations so that anyone who feels uncomfortable can quickly and easily leave the cave system back in to the main centre. If you have suffered from claustrophobia in the past, or currently, then this experience is not for you. If you are looking at booking a party package which includes caving you should first ensure that all participants are not scared of tight or confined spaces.


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