Our onsite retail


We have had a climbing retail outlet onsite since 2005, over the years it has grown and developed
to stock some of the latest climbing equipment that you will need.

Whether you are looking for your first pair of shoes, a comfy harness or accessories to get out on the crag, we should have something in stock that suits your needs.


Buying your first pair of shoes?

Climbing shoes are weirdly shaped. They’re not very comfortable to wear for long periods of time, but this snug fit is crucial for precise footwork.

If t’s your first pair of shoes then your footwork is probably not going to be great, so there’s no point in spending a fortune on the top of the range shoes. You’re most likely going to kick the toe box out of the shoe eventually so we recommend picking a shoe that’s comfortable and within your price range.

We have 25 ranges of shoes in stock, some of these down to small size UK2, and up to UK12.

If you are looking for a new climbing shoe then why not pop down to the centre, check out the range and try a few on for size?

How do I Know It’s Right for Me?

  • Try on multiple shoes, feel around the sides and the heel for gaps. The shoe should be snug to your foot all the way round.
  • Don’t go too small. Usually we recommend dropping at least one size from your normal street shoes size. But too small means you won’t be able to wear it for prolonged periods of time.
  • Velcro or┬álace? Well, this is down to personal preference. Both have pro’s and con’s

Top Brands at realistic prices

10% Off on presentation of BMC membership card


We stock a range of climbing ropes from 30m, which is usually suitable for indoor walls, 50/60m ropes for outdoor sport climbing, and half ropes for trad climbing.



We have harnesses for men, women and kids. Our range includes Mammut, Petzl, Black Diamond and DMM.

It’s important to try on multiple harnesses to find the best fit for your body. You can try one on and hang from it to test it for comfort.



Belay devices, snapgates, screw gates, slings, chalk, finger tape… the list goes on

Whilst we favour UK made DMM products, we also stock Black Diamond, Petzl, Mammut and Lyon.


Our shop is open the same times as our centre.

As we own the retail outlet at Creation, it’s open at all times whilst the centre is open for general entry. Of course, there’s always knowledgeable staff onsite to help guide you through your purchase options.