We can deliver your charity abseil event for you.













Here at Creation Climbing Centre, the Midlands largest climbing arena, we do more than just teach people to climb!

For several years now we have offered charity abseils for multiple organisations.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning an abseil from an office building, a church, a bridge or a skyscraper, we have the skills and man power to pull it off for you. We’ve done some abseils from some pretty weird locations over the years!.

Creation is a primary provider for several organisations, and principal safety/technical advisor. We will visit your site and conduct a survey, identifying whether the abseil could go ahead and reporting back any potential issues with regards to health and safety. We will conduct a risk assessment and provide full methodology, bespoke to your event.


So, how does the process work?

Firstly you should contact our Abseil Organiser Matt Ketch on (0121) 449 8000 or via email at

We will talk through the requirements and your plans and advise you on a rough cost for running your event. This is based on the number of days you need our services, how many lines you want and how many people you expect.

A site visit is arranged to conduct a site specific survey, this enables us to make sure that the location is suitable for an abseil.
We can assess the launch area and decide whether any temporary scaffolding may be required.
We will conduct a risk assessment of the site and prepare a full methodology for the event day.
We liase with you every step of the way to ensure your event goes off without any problems.

If your event requires specific structural requirements, for example a scaffold rig at the top of the building, we work closely with a local design agency that will provide official load drawings based on the current British Standards. The structure is then professionally erected by qualified personnel.

On the day of your abseil our lead staff member will be First Aid and RCI (Rock Climbing Instructor) qualified. Support staff will be suitably qualified and all the neccessary ropes and equipment on the day are provided by us to ensure your event goes off without any problems.

For complex, high or multi line abseil events we work with our IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) provider, and multiple level 3 qualified instructors will be on hand during the event. We also work with a specialised scaffolding designer and installers, so if your event requires additional safety measures, or we need to protect a building, we have these additional services available to us for every event.

Copies of our public and employer liability insurance are available on request, but remember certain venues may require you to have you own insurance as well.

We try to keep the cost of your event to a minimum, after all the name of the game is for you to make money for your cause. We calculate the price of the abseil primarily on the number of lines you require, duration of your event and the quantity of participants. Obviously, the more people you have then the more abseil lines you might require and therefore the higher staffing levels required to ensure the event runs smoothly and safely.


Contact Matthew Ketch at