Under 18 Climbing

We want young climbers to be able to enjoy Creation just as much as adults. But, we obviously have an additional duty of care towards the safety of minors and this means that we have to put extra rules in place to ensure their safety.

When practiced safely climbing is a great sport, but gravity is no friend to sloppy rope work skills, and accidents can happen if you don’t possess the skillset to notice a potential problem and make judgement calls to correct them.

All children that have never climbed before and are being accompanied by an adult must have parental supervision at all times. This means direct supervision, and not from a far, not sitting in the cafe or the car. Children that don’t understand the risks involved in climbing are likely to make mistakes which could result in an injury to themselves or other people using the centre.

Parents must supervise children on the bouldering walls, roped walls and auto belays.

Of course, some children who have taken up climbing as a sport, will understand the risks. And for those young climbers we want them to be able to engage in their chosen sport as easily as possible. To this end we have a series of under 18 assessments which will allow youngsters to top rope belay, boulder and even lead belay and climb without supervision. For more information on these assessment please visit our under 18 assessment tab from the top menu bar.

Our staff are always on hand to give you advice, so parents should feel free to have a chat to us if you wish to discuss your child attending Creation unsupervised in the future.


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