Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has a question!

We’ve done our best to answer the most common queries below.


YES. We are open as usual from 10am to 10pm on bank holidays. 

What’s bouldering?

Low-level free climbing, with crash mats. There are no ropes, no harnesses, just some basic safety rules. The tallest bouldering wall is just under 4 metres, with boulder problems suitable for kids and complete beginners through to seriously hardcore climbers.

Route climbing (on ropes) is great for stamina. Bouldering is great for building serious strength and working on technique. Boulder “problems” are just that – you work to find a solution on how to get to the top of the wall.


What happens if I do the belay entry demonstration but don't pass?

Whilst we don’t want to spoil anyone’s day, anyone who declares themselves as belay competent but doesn’t meet our minimum requirements to use the centre will only be able to boulder, unless backed up by someone who has been approved to belay unsupervised. Once you’ve brushed up on your skills, and you are 100% competent and confident, come back to us the next time you’re here and we’ll do the test again.


Can I teach my friend how to belay?

Yes – however! Anyone learning how to belay must do so with an experienced belayer “backing up” – this means they need their feet firmly on the ground next to the novice belayer, holding the dead end of the rope and making sure they do everything safely. Once the novice belayer is 100% competent, and confident, come and see us at reception for a quick demonstration, then you’re good to go. Please note that the demonstration must be done fresh on the following visit, not immediately after a quick recap in the centre.


I used to be able to belay, but it's been a while. Do I have to book?

If you were once able to belay, but you need to brush-up your skills, then our Improver’s Course is the one for you!


I know how to belay. Can I bring a few kids and take them climbing?

We have a maximum of 2 children per non-climbing adult. We also have a maximum of 2 novice climbers (children or adult) per belayer.


Can I bring my *insert age here* year old child?

Minimum age for anything in the centre is 4 years old. No exceptions. No, not even if it’s their 4th birthday next week.


I’m not climbing. Do I need to stay with my children while they climb?

Non belay assessed Children must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.


How big are your walls?

Our bouldering walls are just short of 4 metres tall. Our ropes walls range from 18 feet up to a whopping 44 feet!


Where do I put my stuff?

We have lockers available on site. You are free to bring your own padlock, although we do sell them at reception for £5 each. We also have open cubby holes which are perfect for leaving shoes etc. Please note that any personal property is brought to the centre at your own risk. Creation Climbing Centre takes no responsibility for personal belongings that are lost/stolen during your visit.


I’m a student – is there a discount?

Upon presentation of a university card, student entry is £5.50 with the annual registration of £3.75 when signing up. Students also get half price equipment hire – that’s £1.50 for shoes, £1.25 for a harness, and 50p for a belay device.

This discount is only valid for university students (not college), and we do ask for an expiry date, or any evidence of when your studies finish. NUS/Unidays are not accepted, except to corroborate the date for the completion of your studies.

There is no discount in the climbing shop.

I've never done climbing before. Do I need to book?

If you want to try bouldering (see the next question), then no, you can just turn up. If you want to go on the tall walls with ropes, then yes you need to book. Please note that we rarely have an instructor available on the day without pre-booking, and weekends get very busy so need to be booked further in advance.

Check out our Open Taster Sessions and Private Taster Sessions for more information on booking in.

I know how to belay. Do I need to book?

No, but you will be asked to do a quick belay demonstration on reception when you sign up as a member. If the receptionist on duty is satisfied with your level of competency, you will be allowed to belay for others, and it will go on your membership so you won’t have to do it again.

I know how to belay. Can I bring my novice friend?

Any experienced climber who meets the minimum requirements to use the centre without the supervision of an instructor is welcome to bring along a maximum of two novice climbers.


How do I learn to belay?
I’m only coming to belay for someone else. Do I have to pay entry?

No, if you are just belaying you will not be charged entry, just annual membership – though we will still need a belay demonstration before you can belay unsupervised.


I’m under 18 and want to come bouldering. Can I just turn up?

Anyone under 18 must have consent from a parent or guardian signed on the membership form, and must be supervised  by a parent or guardian at all times unless belay assessed by one of our instructors. 


I’m under 18 and can belay. Can I just turn up?

Anyone under 18 who knows how to belay is very welcome to use the centre – however, you must have a belay assessment from one of our instructors before you can belay unsupervised. These assessments are free of charge, but must be booked in advance which costs £15pp. We also require a signed membership form from a parent or guardian if it’s your first visit to the centre.


What should I wear?

Anything comfortable and flexible. And maybe a jumper in the colder months – the building used to be a bus depot, after all!


Do I have to wear climbing shoes?

Shoes are optional but recommended, and available for hire for £3.50. We do allow normal shoes in the centre, as long as they are sensible – no heels or ballerina slippers please! Bear in mind that some of our walls are like sandpaper, so your shoes may get scuffed.

Climbing barefooted or with socks is not permitted.


Can I pay by card?

Yes. However, there is a minimum spend of £2 on any card transactions.

Is there parking?

We have a small carpark on the from and side of the centre. There is free on road parking in many roads surrounding the centre. 

We ARE NOT located within the Clean Air Zone, nor are any of the surrounding rounds.



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